Endemol stand apart from nearly all other slot game software developers for one very specific reason, strictly speaking, they aren’t one. Unlike many other TV broadcasting companies who partner with the likes of WMS, IGT and Aristocrat to produce co-branded game versions of their TV titles as with IGT’s Star Trek slot for example, Endemol went a step further and developed their own catalogue, which is growing in popularity.

Although they broadcast many shows around the world, including drama and comedy, it is their game shows which have largely become the themes which they have developed into some of the most popular online slots in the market, especially in the UK with the likes of the Deal or No Deal slot game and online gaming version of the classics 1980’s show catchphrase.

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Deal Or No Deal Slot

All their games generally share the same base game mechanics, with pick win instant scratch card style bonuses suiting the game show genre extremely well. This also serves well for the player base in one sense as if you have played one Endemol game, you will have no problems getting to grips with their other games given the similarities and crossover. It also means the games work pretty seamlessly as the technology being used is extremely well tested and proven.

One downside of the Endemol slot range is that the range is purely based on the branded themes, there really aren’t many selling points from a gameplay or pay-out perspective that make them particularly attractive outside of that. Not that they have actually attempted a bespoke machine yet so it largely doesn’t matter, though I can’t help feeling it might actually benefit their other titles to explore new bonus and feature styles.

With so many popular shows in their inventory not yet seen in the slot gaming word we can assume they will be producing more games for years to come. I’m a big fan of the Hell on Wheels TV Series which is one of their better known US titles and I for one would love to see a slot game version of that show come onto the market, though as with most developers, US players aren’t currently allowed.

Reliability and safety wise the company are right up there with the big boys, their public exposure as a TV company demands that they need to ensure the gaming side of their operation is completely secure and provably fair, the fallout damage in other areas would be massive and this keeps them honest in a way that applies to very few standard gaming operators. The range of online casinos which stock the games is currently limited, but as always, we will strive to review the best ones for you.