Casino slots players have thousands of games available at their fingertips. Players can choose from simple 3-reel slots with no bonuses to the slickest 3D video slots packed with features.

But whatever slots game you choose, the aim is simple: win as much cash as you can. So, what's the best way of going about winning at slots long-term, and how can you ensure you don't go bust? Let's take a look at some top tips for beginners.  

Getting Started: Choosing The Right Games

First, you need to decide what slots you're going to play. Most casinos let you try games for free (a major advantage of online casinos over land-based ones) so you can have a few spins for nothing first. Free-play is a good way of getting a feel for the gameplay, and to see how often those bonus symbols trigger.

And, of course, you can work out if you're interested in the theme itself. With so many varied themes on slots, you don't want to spend cash on a slot that's going to bore you senseless - that way lies a busted bankroll.

Know Your RTPs and Volatility

When you play slots for free, you can also check the paytable. The paytable lists all possible paylines as well as the payouts for winning combinations. You'll also find descriptions and jackpots for any bonus features, if available.

Each slot will have an RTP% (Return to Player percentage) which is the theoretical, long-term payment back to players. Obviously, the higher the RTP, the better the slot.

But some slots can be good for small wins while others are better for big wins following a barren spell. These "high-volatility" slots are good if you have a decent bankroll and can handle a period of losses. Play for long enough and a big jackpot should (although it's certainly not guaranteed) come.

Employing The Right Bankroll Management

So, you've picked a slot you like and you think it has the most generous potential payouts - now it's time to get your bankroll sorted.

All slots should be played with a decent bankroll. Online games can be played from as little as 1p per spin, so you don't need a big budget to gamble. But even at the small stakes, you'll need a bankroll worth 200-300x the average coin bet.

Having enough "in reserve" means you won't go bust and can handle the swings. Also, where a game has a progressive meter or multiplier - i.e. your prize increases the more winners you hit in a row - it's essential to have enough cash available. 

Cashing Out: If you go on a massive downswing, don't be afraid to drop your stakes accordingly. Remember, slots don't have a "memory" and there's no guarantee you'll hit a jackpot after 40 or 50 losing spins. Each spin is random and independent from the last, so you'll just have to ride it out.

Equally, if you have racked up some decent wins, consider leaving the slot (you won't have to log out, just close the game screen) and withdrawing money from the Cashier. This ensures your winnings are safely in your bank account or e-Wallet and you won't be tempted to gamble them away.

A good idea is to set a 'stop loss' or even 'stop win' limit - either in your head or written down - where you close down the site and stop playing. Winning can give gamblers a sense that they are going to keep on winning forever. This is an illusion, however, so never think you're invincible.

Choose The Best Licensed Casinos Online

Whether you're into classic fruit machines online or the latest 1,024-payline slots, you need somewhere good to play them.

There are hundreds of casinos out there on the net, but the quality is more varied than you'd think. Some have good bonuses but a lousy range of games. Others, meanwhile, have great slots and lots of progressive jackpots, but they might charge for making withdrawals.

Do your homework first, or read our expert reviews. It's good to get a balance: perhaps a spread of three or four slots developers, a few table games for variety, plus friendly welcome bonuses and 24-hour customer support. Also, make sure the site is licensed in the UK and has its games audited externally. This way, you know that every time you press the 'Spin' button the games won't be fixed.

Make More With An Online Slots Bonus

All casinos offer new players a 'welcome bonus' when they open an account. By making a deposit, you will be eligible for a unique bonus that rewards players for their gameplay. The initial deposit is matched 100 or 200% by the casino, and in return the player must "play through" enough eligible slots within 24-48 hours (or sometimes longer).

First, check the bonus terms and conditions. Usually, slots will be 100% eligible towards a bonus total (apart from progressive jackpots) and you might have to make a minimum bet to qualify. But any jackpots you win will all go towards triggering the bonus cash.

Don't stop at checking out the welcome bonus. All sites offer ongoing promotions like reload bonuses (with reward further deposits) and slots tournaments that let you take on your fellow casino players. Making the casino work for you is vital in making your bankroll go further.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Gambling online or on your mobile is now easier than ever. You can play slots anytime, anywhere, for small or big stakes. But with games so readily available, casual gambling can lead to losses.

Plan your betting sessions, and be disciplined when stopping (whether you're up or down) after a set time period. Pick your slots well, too. If you're not enjoying the game, or you find yourself chasing losses, it's time to log off and take stock.

Winning With Online Slots FAQs 

What Online Slots Should I Play?

With such a range available online, casino players should pick slots that they enjoy and that match their stakes. If you love free spins, don't pick a 3-reel classic slot. If you aren't bothered by animated symbols and cutaway intro sequences, don't pick a 5-reel 3D slot.   

Where Are The Best Casinos To Play Slots At?

Online casinos should have over 100 slots, ideally from more than one developer. However, there are many casinos that deal exclusively with one slots developer that are perfectly good. You should also look for friendly, 24-hour customer support, fee-free banking, and a solid UK license.

What's An RTP Percentage?

The RTP%, or Return to Player percentage, is the average payout made to players over the long term. RTPs can fluctuate depending on the layout of symbols or the number of bonus icons you'll find on the reels.

How Do I Know If A Slot Is Volatile?

Look at the paytable payouts. Low jackpots for hitting 4 or 5 matching symbols on a line show that the slot is low-volatile - paying out little and often. Higher jackpots and lucrative bonus features that reward over 100,000 coins will have a higher volatility. This means you may be playing for a while before winning anything meaningful.   

Is It Worth Playing On High-Stakes Slots?

It depends on your bankroll. Generally, if you can bet at the top coin amount, do so. You will lose more when you don't hit a winner, but your winning combinations will be much bigger.   

Are Slots Bonuses Achievable?

Yes, but shop around. Every bonus will have a wagering requirement attached. This is the amount you have to gamble to access free cash. The lower the wagering requirement, the better. Requirements can be as low as 25x the deposit but high as 60x - do your homework.   

What Is A Good Slots Betting System To Use?

Online slots are governed by RNGs (Random Number Generators) which dictate where the reels are going to stop. There is no 'system' that can predict where the reels will stop next time, so the best idea is to manage your bankroll well and drop stakes when you're on a losing run.