Microgaming Jackpots
Microgaming casinos stopped taking registrations from ALL US players on the 9th November 2008although players with existing Microgaming accounts were permitted to continue playing on the original software until June 2010.

On the 1st June 2010, the 2006 American UIGEA law went into enforcement. As a result, USA players cannot currently play on any casino with Microgaming software (still the case as of May 2014 although New Jersey and Nevada along with Delaware have now regulated online gambling and in New Jersey, players can now play at several online casinos. Check out the njonlinecasinos.net website for reviews and information on the options).

With State-specific legislation moving to regulate online casinos for US action it seems more like a question of *when* rather than *if* for many States although some will announce that online gambling is to stay illegal (Utah has already done this) and there can be no doubt that US players will flock back to online casinos when the chance arises, taxed or not.

What is clear is that this only really started to take shape in late 2013 and even then there is no guarantee that Microgaming will be involved. Nevada is close to providing the framework for the Vegas casinos to go online while New Jersey has passed legislation already, but it will take some time to go through the motions of defining licences, reviewing aplications and setting the process in motion. US players will probably have to wait some time before Microgaming slots are available over there.

Irresepective of the above, please note that at present (June 20th 2013) online gambling is specifically illegal in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, (Utah), Washington, and Wisconsin. Kentucky have even gone as far as confiscating .com domain names from some big gaming companies which has spotlighted the fact that the US is both able and willing to censure the Internet where necessary.

Players residing outside of the USA looking for new options should check out the AZOC article on New Microgaming Casinos in the AZOC news section (note: the article gets updated annually so you can probably ignore the year in the link title above!).